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State Summer Games Management

A Message From State Summer Games Management

Our Special Olympics Rhode Island team is proud to join Celebrate the Movement to walk and raise funds for our team and all the athletes from RI. Please help us any way you can in this difficult time, we greatly appreciate gifts of any size!






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2021 Celebrate the Movement

THANK YOU to all the walkers, donors, teams, and sponsors involved in this year’s Celebrate the Movement! The great success of this effort is thanks to everyone doing their part, thank you for what you’ve done!


We will keep this page active until October 31 to give everyone a chance to reach their fundraising and fitness goals.


Do you have checks or cash that were part of your fundraising? Please drop them off or mail to:

Special Olympics Rhode Island
370 George Washington Highway
Smithfield, RI 02917


If you or any of your donors work for a company that matches donations, please be sure to forward the paperwork to us. This potentially will double the gift!


We are working on getting incentives out to those who've earned them. Thank you again for your hard work on Celebrate the Movement.


Thank you once again!

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  2. Robert Hamilton
    Robert Hamilton gave a $52.44 donation
    7 months ago · Like
  3. An anonymous donation of $104.58 has been made to support Kirsten Skelly
    7 months ago · Like
  4. Frank Coles
    Frank Coles gave a $26.37 donation to support Jo-Ann Tillinghast
    7 months ago · Like
  5. David Steinbrick
    David Steinbrick gave a $52.44 donation to support Jo-Ann Tillinghast
    7 months ago · Like · 1 person likes this.
  6. Maryann Seebeck
    Maryann Seebeck gave a $25 donation to support Jo-Ann Tillinghast
    7 months ago · Like · 1 person likes this.
  7. Pamela Desaulniers
    Pamela Desaulniers gave a $26.37 donation to support Catherine Breault
    8 months ago · Like
  8. Richard Rocheleau
    Richard Rocheleau gave a $104.58 donation
    A donation in support of the great athletes of Special Olympics RI and a challenge to the Games Management Team to help support our athletes!
    8 months ago · Like
  • Fundraising Participant
    Amount Raised
    • Donor
    • Robert Hamilton
      5244 1635284255
    • (Anonymous)
      10458 1635275486
    • Frank Coles
      2637 1634678385
    • David Steinbrick
      5244 1634145534
    • Maryann Seebeck
      2500 1633699899
    • Pamela Desaulniers
      2637 1632872518
    • Richard Rocheleau
      10458 1632844373